FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Q:Can I pay by personal or business check?
A:Yes, this is the primary method of payment. celhost was started to serve our clients in this request. As time goes on it seems less and less hosting companies allow this option, we have built our business on catering to clients who wish to use checks to pay their bills.
Q:Can I use Front Page Extensions?
A:We do not offer this feature as it compromises the security of a server. As most people only use Front Page Extensions to "publish" their web sites. This is easily done with most packages using the ftp mode (even Front Page offers this option).
Q:Why dont you use Microsoft products for your servers?
A:Though Microsoft does a good job of marketing their products, this does not make up for the fact that their products cost more to maintain, administer and most importantly are less secure. If you need to use asp scripting, you might consider the php scripting language, it is as powerful as asp, yet runs on a much more secure platform.
Q:How do I cancel my service?
A:While we hope this never happens, we make it very simple. When you receive your invoice in the mail simply write cancel, sign and date the invoice. Mail this invoice back to us by your due date and your service will be cancelled on the due date (Typically the 1st of the billing month).
Q:Am I required to check my email?
A:No, though we will send emails to keep you informed of what is going on and will use this as the primary method of alerting you to service interruption in case of lost or late payment.
Q:Is there a fee for late payment?
A:We do not charge a late fee. We will disable your logins and eventually change your site to a inactive page if payment is not received on time. In order to reactive your account, payment must be made in full for all time your site was on our server (this includes anytime you could not login or we had the inactive site up).
Q:Will you ever use the telephone number provided?
A:We do ask that this number be correct as we may choose to contact you by phone in case of lost or late payment or to verify account requests.
Q:Can I have an invoice sent to me, or do I have to print it out myself?
A:If you provided an address in the USA, we will always mail an invoice by US mail. If your address is not in the USA, we will optionally email you an invoice.
Q:What happened to cs-link?
A:In our commitment to quality and service, all cs-link clients will have their addresses working well into the future. cs-link offered both hosting and dial-up. With many clients preferring cable or dsl connections, we are focusing on providing the best quality hosting possible with celhost while any cs-link clients will still have full service.

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