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Celhost.com is committed to Quality hosting at reasonable prices.

We understand that not everyone needs many of the advanced features
that are given away "Free" by the other people.
We give you just what you need, and pass the savings on to you.

What is Web Hosting?
    Virtual Business Card is the most basic form of a web site.
    Put basic information for a potential customer to learn about your business,
    post your resume or share family information with distant friends and family.

    With more advanced business web sites you can show products,
    or take orders online to almost anyone, anywhere, anytime.

    Create an online newspaper, share your artwork, music
    or any other talent you might have.

Email Hosting (Included in Web Hosting)
    This is one of the greatest Benefits of owning your own domain name.
    You own your email address, no mergers, changed ISP's or bankrupt companies
    will make you change your email address ever again.
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